The Fantasy Trip House Rules

These rules are a work in progress and may change after further playtesting.

Simple Food Hunting in TFT

These are simple hunting rules for when role-playing a hunt is not wanted. An example would be a week-long day trek across the wilderness where individual hunting sessions are not wanted, only the end result. There is plenty of room for alteration and expansion.

If the party is in an appropriate biome for hunting, such as forest, countryside, hills or farmland (Barbarian Prince anyone), and one or more members of the party have a ranged attack of >= 8 hexes then the the party are permitted to hunt for their food.

Roll 4DX with -1 DX for each additional party member, up to -4 from roll (penalty). Also if anyone in the hunting party has talents/spells that would affect hunting then +1 DX instead of -1 DX. Not +1 DX per character talent/spell but +1 total per "skilled" character. The max DX bonus is +4 DX.

Skills that would provide bonuses to hunting include: Alertness, Acute Hearing, Silent Movement, Animal Handler, Naturalist, Vet, and Tracking.
Spells that would provide bonuses to hunting include: Control Animal, Detect Life, Dark Vision, Summon Scout, Summon Wolf, Far Vision, Invisibility, Pathfinder, Soothe, Scrying.

Pick highest adjDX of party for to-hit. If success roll 2d6 to determine how many people the game will feed. Leftovers are left behind for simplicity's sake.

Critical rolls

Roll Result
4 Double amount of food is caught/killed.
5 + 2 food is caught.
6 + 1 food is caught.
22 Random party member takes 1 wound.
23 Random party member takes 2 wound.
24 Random ranged weapon used for hunting is broken. Same player takes 1 wound.

Optional variation

These simple rules make hunting a single die roll for determining success and an additional roll for how successful. If you want a little more complexity, then add an extra die roll as described below.

Roll 3/IQ to determine if prey can be found. Add +2 IQ if character has Tracking. Add +1 IQ for each additional hunting-related skills. Success means prey was found. Critical success could mean easy prey or an abundance of prey. On a roll of 3, +2 when rolling for amount of "food" found. A roll of 4 results in +1 food found. Critical failure has reverse effect.

If prey was not found, hunting session ends. If prey was found continue with the 4DX roll described above.

Smoke in TFT

Work in progress smoke related rules for TFT.

Smoke Potion

This magical potion creates billowing white smoke from the hex that is poured on. A being that consumes a smoke potion will emit smoke from their body. The duration of the smoke effect is 6 turns. Anyone that spends their full turn in the smoke hex will take 1 hit of Fatigue damage. Those moving through the smoke must roll 3/DX saving throw to avoid taking 1 hit of Fatigue damage. A being under the effects of a smoke potion will not take damage if they move during their turn, otherwise they take 1 hit of Fatigue damage. The smoke obscures line of sight and any attack made through it is at -2DX. After 2 turns in the same location the smoke will spread to the surrounding hexes. The smoke in the surrounding hexes will not cause Fatigue damage, but they do obscure line of sight incurring a -1DX penalty for attacking through them.

The DX penalties are cumalitve for attacking through multiple smoke hexes. That means attacks made through 3 hexes of smoke (-1)(-2)(-1) are at -4DX.

Requires $80 worth of common ingredients and two weeks. Costs $165.

Smoke Bomb

Smoke bombs are a type of gas bomb that produce a cloud of white smoke where the bomb breaks.