Hex Flowers

These rules are all work in progress hex flowers that I've created.

NPC Reaction AI

A first-draft hex flower chart for NPC Reaction AI.

A hex flower chart for NPC Reaction AI. This hex flower does not wrap and instead pushes in a specific direction when a wall is "bumped" into. This flower also has built-in modifiers for being in a certain hex and that is to simulate the difficulty in changing a person's initial and ongoing reaction. Hexes without descriptors are intermediate steps with no remarkable change, other than becoming closer or further away from the goal. One could think of these intermediate steps as small changes in facial expressions or slight changes in body language. The chart does not assume the goal is a yes or a no, so it could be used for either desired outcome. The hexes labled "Nuetral, Dislike, Like" are the different starting positions, dependent on the situation and the NPC's initial disposition towards the PC.

* modifier is in effect as long as the modifier condition is true. The modifiers are also cumulative.

Posted by Western Man 5/27/2023. Last updated on 5/29/2023

Dungeon Crawl #1

A simple set of hex flower charts for generating a dungeon room-by-room.

Detailed rules tbd. Feel free to use this at your gaming table.

Posted by Western Man 5/29/2023